In the world of music, nothing is more important than a song. The unique lyrics, melody, and composition of each song are rich currency to a bevy of consumers that make up the music industry. And as commodities, they deserve diligent protection.

Barker Nashville, PLLC was founded on the premise of focusing on entertainment, copyright, and trademark law as it relates to the music industry. In the area of copyright, the firm handles:

-Assistance in the prosecution of copyright applications.
-Advice regarding publishing rights organizations (PROs).
-Licensing of works.
-Administration of song catalogues.
-Assignment of copyrights.
-Litigation relating to copyright infringement.

The song is king in the music industry, and as intellectual property, it deserves the utmost protection and defense. Barker Nashville, PLLC assists songwriters, artists, and other music industry professionals in ensuring that commodity is protected.

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