On the road to success, there are many different people that play an important role in not only the journey of a rising songwriter or artist, but budding music industry professionals as well. Because of this need to rely on others for help and expertise, it is paramount for songwriters, artists, and industry professionals alike to have competent counsel who can guide them in their unchartered territory.

Barker Nashville, PLLC was founded on the premise of focusing on entertainment, copyright, and trademark law as it relates to the music industry. In the entertainment realm, the firm handles drafting and negotiating:


-Management agreements.
-Recording contracts.
-Exclusive publishing deals.
-Booking agency agreements.
-Publicist agreements.
-Television and film production agreements.
-Endorsement or sponsorship agreements.
-Other exclusive and non-exclusive licensing agreements.
-Other exclusive agreements pertaining to a songwriter, artist, or music industry professional’s career.

In addition, Barker Nashville, PLLC is adept at catalogue administration as well as providing clients with advice and insight on the music industry, including the appropriate steps to take at different times in their career. Whether you are a budding songwriter, artist, or music industry professional, Barker Nashville, PLLC is dedicated to providing you personalized, trusted service that will guide you on your journey.

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