As a rising artist or budding music industry professional, you are transforming from the person you are to an enterprise that encompasses who you want to be. During this part of the process, it is important to protect the identifying and distinguishing marks that represent your work.

Barker Nashville, PLLC was founded on the premise of focusing on entertainment, copyright, and trademark law as it relates to the music industry. An integral part of growth as an entity in the industry is the search, selection, registration, and defense of trade and service marks. Barker Nashville, PLLC serves artists and music industry professionals with the following services:

-Advice relating to trade and service marks, entity names, and logos.
-Trade and service mark search.
-Trade and service mark selection.
-Trade and service mark registration.
-Trade and service mark defense and protection.
-Litigation relating to trade or service mark protection.
-Drafting and negotiating trade and service mark-related contracts.
-Drafting and negotiating trade and service mark-related licenses.

With increased notoriety in the industry through success and hard work comes the need to protect the source of works, services, and goods attached to your name as an artist or music industry professional. Barker Nashville, PLLC can assist you in the process of assuring your marks are protected.

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